Anna Jobin

I like considering the bigger picture while keeping in mind that details matter.

Some trivia about me:

  • PhD candidate at the University of Lausanne, affiliated with the Laboratory of Digital Cultures and DH (LADHUL) and the Sciences and Technologies Studies Laboratory (STSLab).
  • Holder of a bilingual M.A. degree (French/German) following studies in Sociology, IT/Information Management and Economics at Fribourg University.
  • Volunteered as college newspaper editor in chief and as a student representative in various university organs.
  • Managed my own company.
  • Rediscovered academia thanks to a research project in Digital Humanities at EPFL.
  • Many years' experience in the film industry.
  • Travelled by myself from Istanbul to Phnom Phen.
  • I believe in integrity, which is doing the right thing even if no one will know.
  • I love to play the piano.
  • And much more...

This is my personal page. If you are interested in my academic affiliation, please visit

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